Eric A. Knudsen Trust, Kauai, Hawaii Eric A. Knudsen Trust, Kauai, Hawaii
A History of Stewardship
Valdemar Knudsen
The Sinclairs' Niihau home

1819Valdemar Emil Knudsen was born in Norway
1840sKnudsen sought his fortune in the “new world” and was successful both as a publisher in New York and as a merchant during the California gold rush. He learned the tongue of the Indians and helped them with advice in legal matters. He was part of the California Constitutional Convention which resulted in California becoming a state.
1856Seeking a warm climate for his health, he embarked for Hawaii after discovering the ship to Chile (his first choice) would require traveling with the captain’s very annoying wife. Knudsen arrived at Koloa Landing in 1856.
After coming to Kauai he managed the Grove Farm Plantation when it was owned by Herman Widemann.
Leased 100K acres of West Kauai including a ranch at Waiawa and was appointed konohiki by Kamehameha IV.
Called Kanuka (Hawaiian for Knudsen), he absorbed the Hawaiian language and culture and helped to realize King Kalaukaua’s vision for a successful agricultural economy on Kauai.

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