Eric A. Knudsen Trust, Kauai, Hawaii Eric A. Knudsen Trust, Kauai, Hawaii
A History of Stewardship
The Sinclair Family
Mrs. Francis Sinclair and Family at Makaweli House, 1893.
Seated, L-R: Francis Gay, Mrs. George Gay, Mrs. Sinclair, Mrs. Charles Robinson, Mrs. Aubrey Robinson with Aylmer,
Mr. Aubrey Robinson and Sinclair.
Standing, L-R: Eliza Gay, Francis Sinclair, Mrs. Francis Sinclair and Mr. Wodehouse.

1846Captain Sinclair and eldest son, George perished at sea on the way to Wellington with produce and with all the family's savings on board.
September 1863Eliza and family arrived in Hawaii.
King Kamehameha IV of Hawaii sold Niihau Island to Eliza for US$10,000. Later she purchased land at Makaweli and Hanapepe, on the island of Kauai, and cultivated sugar cane.
1867Valdemar Knudsen married Eliza’s youngest daughter Annie on Niihau. They had five children, including Eric Alfred Knudsen.
1892Eliza was a close friend and confidante of Queen Lili'uokalani, who would often stay at her home in Makaweli and seek Eliza's advice on dealing with the Europeans and Americans. On October 16, 1892, Eliza Sinclair died at the age of 92. Around this time, Aubrey Robinson and Francis Gay offered to arm the Monarchy and to fight to keep the Americans out, but the Queen refused, saying she didn't want any of her peoples' blood shed.

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